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Shock absorber

Shock absorbers are used to suppress the shock from the road surface when the spring bounces.

Product Description


Original shock absorber introduction

Original shock absorbers are used to suppress the shock from the road surface when the spring bounces. Widely used in automobiles, to accelerate the attenuation of frame and body vibration, to improve the ride comfort of automobiles. In the uneven road, although the absorbent spring can filter the vibration of the road, but the spring itself can also have reciprocating motion, and the shock absorber is used to suppress the spring jump.


In order to accelerate the attenuation of frame and body vibratio and improve the ride comfort of the car, Shock absorbers are built into the suspension system of most cars.

The shock absorption system of a car is made up of springs and shock absorbers. Shock absorbers are not used to support the weight of the car, but to suppress the shock of the spring after the rebound and absorb the energy of the road impact. The spring plays the role of moderating the impact, turning the "large energy one-time impact" into "small energy multiple impact", and the shock absorber is gradually shortening the "small energy multiple impact". If you've ever driven a car with a broken shock absorber, you can feel the bounces that bounce through every pothole, the shock absorber is designed to suppress. No shock absorber will not be able to adjust the rebound of the spring, the car encountered rugged road will cause serious bounce, cornering will also cause the loss of tire grip and tracking due to the vibration of the spring up and down.



Product name

Shock absorber


Other name

Original Shock Absorber / OEM Shock Absorber







ISO9001:2008 ISO/TS16949



fatigue test



46-52 degree


supply ability

5000 pcs/day



100 pcs for each item


delivery time

within 55 days after receiving your deposit


validity period

one year



Neutral Packing(export standard carton, inner with PVC bag which can avoid damage during delivery) or Brand Packing according to customers’ requirement





trade terms



payment terms

T/T or L/C



large quantity, large discount



Brand - new


Optimum shock absorber utilizes the same technology and are manufactured in the same facility to compensate for the normal wear and tear that occurs on vehicle springs and other suspension components. Each original shocker is carefully designed to meet the unique ride and handling requirements of the respective model.

1. Reliability and Value

Hengguang has extensive OE experience and will provide consistent, reliable performance and excellent value.

2. Built-in advantages

Engineers update product damping specifications based on actual performance and wear patterns of many original equipment shocks. Can help give the car a new look.

3. Always replace in pairs

Install newshock absorber parts in pairs at the front / rear of the vehicle to avoid unnecessary driving problems.

Shock absorber wear can lead to reduced tire grip, increased tire wear and braking distance, creating a serious safety risk! Original shock absorbers provide more comfort and safety for the driver and are effective against early part wear! Please provide the type of vehicle you drive and how you drive to help us design and manufacture the original shock absorbers you need.


The function of original shock absorber

When the car is hit by the road, the spring will absorb the vibration force by its own compression deformation, which can buffer the vibration cansed by the uneven road. Then, the spring will be restored to its original state when the impact force disappears, releasing and absorbing energy and stretching deformation at the same time, which can bounce the car up, this phenomenon is called rebound. Rebound will make the passengers feel uncomfortable and will cause difficult handling of the car, which may prone to danger.


Since discovering the springs cant stabilize car bodies, car designers have installed shock absorbers in suspensions to prevent spring rebound. Without a shock absorber in the suspension, the situation is like a hawker's cart, which will constantly shake when walking. The spring's role is to cushion the impact of the road, while the shock absorber's role is to limit the spring's overstretch, the two functions are quite different. However, It is because of their coordination that the car can run so smoothly and have a more comfortable driving experience.


How often should the shock absorbers be replaced?

Since the average car travels 20,000 kilometers a year and the shock absorbers should be replaced in pairs, the replacement frequency should be changed once every four years. In fact, it depends on the condition of the car

The frequency of replacement varies depending on the manufacturer of the shock absorber.


Shock absorber replacement reasons:

1. To improve and update the original function status;

2. The car is subjected to excessive up and down and left and right vibration, braking nodding phenomenon and irregular tire wear;

3. Excessive tilt or sway of the car when turning;

4. The assembly shell damage, resulting in shock absorber oil leakage and affect the performance of the shock absorber; Oil leakage is the most problematic situation of the shock absorber, and there are many reasons for oil leakage, the most common is the crack caused by the rampage.


As one of the leading shock absorber manufacturers, Hengguang produces optimum original shocks with factory supply price! For detailed information, welcome to contact us!


Automobile shock absorbers category

1. Divide by material

A. Hydraulic type

Hydraulic shock absorbers are widely used in automobile suspension system. The principle is that when the frame and the bridge do reciprocating relative movement and the piston in the shock absorber cylinder reciprocating movement, the oil in the shock absorber shell will repeatedly from the inner cavity through some narrow pores into another inner cavity. At this point, the friction between the liquid and the inner wall and the internal friction of the liquid molecules will form a damping force for vibration.


B. inflatable type

Inflatable shock absorbers are a new type of shock absorbers developed since 1960s. The structure is characterized by a floating piston at the lower part of the cylinder, and a closed gas chamber formed by the floating piston and one end of the cylinder is filled with high-pressure nitrogen gas. The floating piston is fitted with a large section o-ring, which completely separates the oil and gas. The working piston is equipped with compression valves and extension valves that change the cross-sectional area of the channel with the speed of its movement. When the wheel jumps up and down, the piston of the shock absorber does reciprocating movement in the oil, so that the oil pressure difference is produced between the upper chamber and the lower chamber of the working piston, and the pressure oil pushes the compression valve and the extension valve and flows back and forth. Because the valve produces a large damping force on the pressure oil, the vibration attenuation.


2. Divided by structure

Shock absorber by its structure, is divided into single cylinder and double cylinder two kinds. Can be further divided into: 1, single cylinder pneumatic shock absorber; 2, double cylinder oil pressure shock absorber; 3, double cylinder oil and gas shock absorber.


A. Double cylinder

Refers to the shock absorber has two inside and outside the cylinder, the piston movement in the cylinder, due to the piston rod into and out, the volume of oil in the cylinder increases and shrinks, so through the exchange with the outer cylinder to maintain the balance of oil in the cylinder. So there should be four valves in the double cylinder shock absorber, that is, in addition to the two throttle valves on the piston mentioned above, there are installed between the inside and outside the cylinder to complete the exchange of circulation valves and compensation valves.


B. Single cylinder

Compared with the double cylinder, the single cylinder shock absorber is simple in construction and reduces one set of valve system. It is equipped with a floating piston in the lower part of the cylinder, (the so-called floating means that there is no piston rod to control its movement), in the floating piston below the formation of a closed gas chamber, filled with high-pressure nitrogen.

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